Massage Therapies

Traditional Thai massage is inherited from ancestors, There are many textbooks from the olden days written that it help to improve pain physical conditions.

Foot Remedy Massage : 60, 90 minutes

Experience the deep relaxation with the fingers and hands technique applied to various reflex points on the feet to effectively stimulate corresponding organ groups in the upper body.
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Surrender your stress with slow rhythmic massage movement. Combined with the healing essence of our unique aromatherapy blends stimulate your senses and relax your body.
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Enjoy in the flow of gentle and relaxing movement of our delight milky massage. Instead of essential oil we will use special milk in this treatment. Pure Natural Milk will moisturize and nourishing your skin. After this treatment your skin will be soften and stay young forever.
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After a long day in the sun, your skin needs an extra attention. This intensive Aloe Vera massage will help to calm down your sun burn skin. It will moisturize and recover your skin quickly.
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This energetic and relaxing remedy. Using the classical movement technique, along with the special blended oil of your choice. Concentrate on the back, neck and shoulders. Relaxing and ease your muscle pain.
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It is a unique combination of relaxing and ease away stress and muscle pain from warm virgin coconut oil massage. Using palms and hands massage technique. Long stroke movement will make you more relaxing. Virgin coconut oil will moisturize and nourishing you skin.
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Thai massage is a deep tissue massage. Using pressure point and stretching technique. After the treatment it will allow you to be more flexible and release all your stress. This treatment is recommended to whoever prefers firm and deep massage.
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Enjoy the stretching and pulling technique, combine with the special herbal oil massage technique. This treatment will harmonize your body's internal energies resulting in an extraordinary sense of well being.
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Traditional Thai massage is a unique strong massage. There will be without oil involved in this treatment. Traditional Thai massage is a combination of stretching and pulling. Combining of yoga gesture and acupressure .Which can help to improve your blood circulation, muscle tension and relieve muscle pain. To complete this treatment, your therapist will finish with the marine brown Algae collagen mask for your face. The brown algae collagen mask will make your skin radiant and young forever. Unwind yourself with traditional Thai –collagen treatment.
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This Thai herbal compress therapy will starts with the application of a warm herbal poultice and follow by a full body massage. The warm herbal poultice will relieve all your muscle tension as well as can improve your blood circulation.
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Herbal Steam : 30 minutes : THB300

The unique of invigorating Thai herbal steam treatment is one of the famous traditional Thai therapies. Refreshing your body in this gentle cloud of steam infused with fresh herbs. (Lemon grass and Prai). Ideally of this treatment for open your pores and cleans the skin and prepare your body for the massage. It will help to relax your tension muscle before begin your massage.
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Body Scrub: 60 minutes

Our skin is constantly reinventing itself. Shedding dead cells and generates new ones. Unfortunately, those old cells remain on the surface of the skin, dulling its appearance and contributing to blotchy, uneven tones. Body Scrub is an essential step in any skin care regiment loosens and removes those cells, encouraging new cell growth and eliminating clogged hair follicles while cleansing and balancing the skin. Radarom Spa has variety of body scrub for you to choose according to your skin type.

Rose Body Scrub : 60 minutes : THB990

Rose Body Cream Scrub A beautiful fragrance from Rose petal is specially formulated to revive the skin’s natural moisture maintaining its freshness and radiance. Contains the small gently scrub particles of Jojoba Bead and Luffa fiber with natural extract in cream base. Jojoba Bead and Luffa fiber help exfoliating dead skin cells to reveal a smooth and supple skin.
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Spicy Ginger Body Cream Scrub A detoxification body scrubs in cream base is fragranced with Ginger oil combined with the small gently scrub particles of corn cob powder which gently eliminate dead skin cells, dirt and residue to reveal young and thoroughly cleansed skin.
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Sweet Orange Body Cream Scrub is specially designed for lighten, radiance, smooth and firm body skin. Contains the small gently scrub particles of natural powder with natural extract in cream base. Corn Cob and Luffa fiber are rubs away dead skin cells to reveal a smooth and softer skin, Cucumber, Apple and Tamarind extract help to nourishes and protects skin moisture. Pure 2 types Orange Essential Oil soothing to the mind and helps to relieve stress. Gently exfoliates, cleanses and softens skin. Improve circulation, skin texture and clarity. Excellent for refreshing and treat anxiety.
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Fresh Coconut Body Cream Scrub A delicate cream scrub from Coconut Oil is specially formulated to revive the skin’s natural moisture maintaining its clean, freshness and radiance. Contain a finely milled from Luffa fiber and Almond shell powder that remove dead skin cells and promote surface cell renewal.
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Swiss Gold Body Cream Scrub A concentrate body scrubs in cream base for healthy glow skin, is fragranced with natural scent combined with the small gently scrub particles of luffa, almond shell and corn cob powder which gently eliminate dead skin cells, dirt and residue to reveal young and thoroughly cleansed skin. Olive Oil, Avocado butter and Vitamin E Acetate which nourish and tone the skin help to improve skin smoothness and maintain natural moisture balance. And Gold powder, Cucumber and Algae extract returns your skin to a more even-toned and younger look and healthy glow.
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Allow the Ale Vera extract absorbed to your skin while our well trained therapist applies the Aloe Vera gel on your skin. Aloe Vera extracts will recover your skin from sun burn and calm down from the burning sensation. Sensitive and sun burn skin are needed this treatment.
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Facial Treatment: 60 minutes

Pampering and unwind yourself with our Natural facial treatment in our tranquility spa. Smooth, soften and healthier skin are the result for you after your facial treatment as the choice of your desire.

After Sun Facial : 60 minutes : THB890

You skin will need an extra attention, after a hot sun in Krabi. Cool down your sun burn skin with unique after sun facial. Our special selected Ale Vera will recover your sun burn skin quickly. Recommends for sun burn skin or sensitive skin.
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Let's your skin shin again with Peeling Pearl Essence facial. This fabulous facial will start with gentle exfoliate with pearl essence scrub follow by unique mask with pearl essence and completed the treatment with moisturizing pearl cream. Allow your skin shine like a Andaman Pearl. Recommends for combination to oily skin.
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This intensive treatment for an oily – combination skin. Deep cleansing and purifying will promote clearer skin. Rich in re-balancing, moisturizing emollient so skin is left truly soft and less visible pores.
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Beauty Touch:

Book Now Eyelid upper & lower : THB3,000
Book Now Lips-Line : THB3,000

Book Now Half legs : THB600
Book Now Full legs : THB1,000
Book Now Under arms : THB300
Book Now Bikini : THB800
Book Now Brazilian : THB1,500